• Raw Turbinado Sugar Scrub

    Turbinado Sugar is a less course mineral than salt, but provides wonderful exfoliating qualities. Perfect for sensitive skin, boosting complexion, and keeping your skin hydration balanced.

  • Pink Himalayan Salt

    Salt is a coarse, natural exfoliant used to treat tougher dead skin. While salt has many amazing health benefits, it is also an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying mineral.

  • Coming Soon - OAT!

    Oats are an amazingly gentle, natural exfoliant that boosts moisture in skin, improves natural complexion and skin tone, and cleanses and heals.

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  • Black Obsidian

    Also known as Volcanic Rock containing water, fire, and earth elements. Black Obsidian has amazing spiritual healing benefits. This stone is said to have the ability to absorb negative energy, cleanse your aura and help you see life clearer.

  • Red Jasper

    We like to call Red Jasper 'Soul Food' providing the ability to keep you grounded and spiritually balanced. This stone is also said to provide courage and strength to endure tough times.

  • Clear Crystal Quartz

    The Master Healer! Clear Crystal Quartz has the ability to help with focus, manifesting ideas into reality, and clarity. This is a high vibration stone with calming abilities assisting with emotional, spiritual, and mental healing.

  • African Bloodstone

    The Protector! African Bloodstone provides protection from negative energy and negative people. This stone is said to protect your inner peace, boosts energy, and promote healing. The Ultimate Nurturer!

  • Amethyst

    The Stress Reliever - The Extreme Healer! This stone is known to help heal many aliments from headaches, to hormone regulation, to anxiety.

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  • Elegant Tea Light Set

    Immerse Yourself In Opulence with this beautiful custom tea light set!

  • Elegant Tea Light Set

    Immerse Yourself In Opulence with this gorgeous tea light set!

  • Elegant Triangle Tea Light Set

    Immerse Yourself In Opulence with this beautiful tea light set!

  • Consuela Casanova 32oz Custom Designer Candle

    Immerse Yourself In Opulence with this beautiful 32oz custom designer candle.

  • LI-BACK-LAVISHLY 32 oz Scented Candle

    Lilac and Lavender dance slowly in this beautifully designed candle.

    Sirod's Legacy Illumination Collection 
  • EUCA-CITRUS-ROSE Scented Candle

    Sirod's Legacy original scent paired finely with ROSE! A soft and fun scent that will enlighten any space.

    Sirod's Legacy Illumination Collection 
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  • LIP DRIP Short Sleeve T-Shirt

    When you NATURALLY have that DRIP!

    Wetworks Designs 
  • BECAUSE I GOT HIGH Short Sleeve T-Shirt

    What more can you say?

    Wetworks Designs 
  • MR. STEAL YOUR GIRL Short Sleeve T-Shirt

    Folks - lock up your girl or she may be 'TAKEN'.

    Wetworks Designs 
  • DREADHEAD Solar-Trans Short Sleeve T-Shirt

    Expect the UNEXPECTED with this solar-trans fun T!

    Wetworks Designs 
  • Shhh! Short Sleeve T-Shirt

    When you're in the mood for PEACE & QUIET....

  • PER-SON-A-TUDE Short Sleeve


    Wetworks Designs 
  • ANKH-A-FLY Mug

    a MUG with flair!

    Wetworks Designs 
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